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Mechanical Seals

Mining Weekly Feature – Pump maintenance vital to minimise water leaks

Full article link on Mining Weekly As one pump can spill up to 8 820 kℓ of water a year, saving water is coming to the fore as one of the most important aspects of mining and the granting of mining permits and licences, highlights industrial solutions provider Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) CEO Franscois Steenkamp. […]

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MRS contributes 100 scholarships to SA’s disadvantaged youth

South Africa’s youth unemployment is a major national challenge that needs urgent and coordinated responses to address it. A young person’s entry into the labour market has life-long implications for their career opportunities and maturation. This is the reason why Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) has contributed to 100 scholarships to previously disadvantaged and unemployed youth through iCOLLEGE.

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Mechanical Rotating Solutions commission wash-bay for Mpumalanga Coal mine

Probably the most important contributor responsible for corrosion of steels in coal mines is the mine water.  In addition to mine waters, coal itself has been shown to be corrosive and could drastically shorten the lifespan of your fleet of vehicles used in mining operations, if vehicles are not cleaned daily. In combating the damaging […]

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MRS’ mechanical seals offering at the forefront of water saving in the mining industry.

In a water scarce country, it is water saving that is coming to the fore as one of the most important aspects of mining and the granting of mining licences. As a single pump can spill up to 8820 kilolitres of water per annum (7 litres/minute) it is critical to ensure that the chosen sealing solution is the right one for the pump application.  Mechanical seals are preferred over traditional packing seals in diverse applications during which leakage problems should be avoided. For over a decade Mechanical Rotating Solutions has relied on the AESSEAL® SMSS™ single monolithic stationary seal and AESSEAL CDPH Heavy Duty Slurry Seal range in successfully addressing its clients water loss issues as well as prolonging pump life.

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Valve maintenance key to mining fire protection

Every year the South African mining industry reports fires caused by equipment malfunction, electrical faults, spontaneous combustion, frictional ignition, lightning, and other causes. Whilst misaligned or damaged conveyor belts are often the source of frictional heating that leads to fires, some fires, especially in coal mines, are hard to detect. “Often mined areas in a […]

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MRS steps in to restore breakdown at coal mining operation during lockdown

Just as South Africa prepared to go into lockdown at midnight on March 26 Mines and energy minister, Gwede Mantashe, said in a Government briefing that energy supply was critical to the economy. “The supply of fuel and supply of coal to Eskom and liquid fuel production are critical in this period,” said Mantashe. When […]

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