eVAP7 Mechanical Wastewater Evaporator

eVAP7 Mechanical Wastewater Evaporator

The eVAP7 is best described as a mechanical wastewater evaporator unit consisting of one electric motor that drives both the water pump and the fan.

It can be seen in the figure alongside that the fan is mounted to the topside of the electrical motor and the water pump is below. This unit is in turn fitted to a floated platform.

The discharge of the pump is connected to an array of nozzles above the fan. These nozzles atomise the water and direct the spray into the wind stream generated by the fan.

This concept of evaporator can be sized to suit a wide range of specifications and duty points. The flow rates of the nozzles and fan are sized according to the requirements of the installation.

Mining and other industrial processes often produce wastewater or contaminated water, which is stored in tailings or wastewater dams. Water evaporates from these dams leaving the waste behind. However, natural evaporation rates are slow and relatively large areas are required. To speed up evaporation mechanical evaporators are used such as the eVAP7. These evaporators makes use of an electrically driven water pump which pumps water through a separately electrically driven fan rotating at high speed to atomise the water.


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