Nut-Style Tensioners

Superbolt® Nut-Style Tensioners

Nut-Style Tensioners

Superbolt® multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs) replace existing hex nuts.

Only hand tools are required for installation and removal of any size tensioner. Safe, accurate and economical! We have a wide range of standard series, as well as an unlimited capacity to create special designs to meet your unique needs.

Superbolt® products are an innovative technology for tightening large bolts & studs. MJTs have been proven and established as a preferred solution for bolting in every major industry, all over the world.

Superbolt® tensioners offer you simple and cost effective tightening of large size bolts. Your joints can be tightened with high accuracy without requiring specialized skills or heavy tooling. MJTs ensures a profitable life cycle cost by improving the bolt design for OEM manufacturers, ensuring reliable operation and by facilitating maintenance procedures.

  • MT : Standard
    MT tensioners are used on general mechanical applications. They can be used on high or medium strength bolts and studs and will fit in the same area as a heavy hex nut. The MT series features hex-head jackbolts.
  • CY : High-strength
    CY series tensioners are used for higher bolt loads on general machinery applications. They fit in the same area as a heavy hex nut.
  • H650 : Medium temperature
    H650 tensioners are used for medium temperature, pressure vessel applications on A193-B7 bolts and studs. Material certification provided upon request. Preload and torque values are based on 45,000 psi bolt stress, the value most commonly used by pressure vessel designers. Depending on operating temperature, jackbolt torque and preload may be increased. Used with graphite Lubricant.
  • H560T : Medium temperature, tall
    H650T tensioners replace “acorn” and “castle” nuts and are intended for use where space is limited. They are lubricated with JL-G graphite lubricant.
  • SJ : Compact
    SJX Jamnuts are used for applications where limited headroom and/or limited thread engagement are required. On request jamnuts are available with Superbolt’s® proprietary captive set screws.