Mechanical Rotating Solutions add pump rental to its range of services

Adding rental mobile pump sets to its core business of integrated pump systems, sales, repairs and refurbishment, Mechanical Rotating Solutions now offers an even wider range services to its clients.

In November, MRS had to urgently supply a Mpumalanga power station with a 4 Cylinder Air Cooled self-priming rental unit, capable of delivering a 30 meter head with 180m³/h flow, for a dewatering process.


MRS mobile pump-set ready for delivery

 Having gained extensive knowledge refurbishing mobile dewatering units for its clients, MRS launched its own mobile dewatering unit in 2017 designed using the best pump selection as per its customer’s needs and incorporating a heavy duty double axle with agricultural wheels which significantly reduces the risk of power hopping and soil compaction.  Manufactured for rental or purchase, the MRS Mobile Pump-set is not only capable of controlling the in-pit water levels for mining activities to proceed, but can also be stored in close proximity to the operations, increasing productivity whilst drastically reducing water management transport costs. In order to be optimally productive, whilst also keeping an eye on the cost of a dewatering solution, mines need to not only constantly monitor the water level but also need a solution that can be rapidly deployed, stored on site and be as cost effective as possible.

According to Franscois Steenkamp, Managing Director of MRS, if planned and executed well, dewatering is a seamless part of the excavation mining process. However, in an emergency situation such as a breakdown or unexpected event where water rapidly rises  the MRS Mobile Pump-set gives its clients the capability to move the unit around where needed when pumping wastewater into transfer tanks. “Whether buying or renting, this gives our clients flexibility over discharge times, saving on transport costs and increasing forward planning and productivity.”

The MRS designed Mobile pump unit designed incorporating the most appropriate pumps, sealing equipment and trailer configuration for its client’s specific needs