Mechanical Rotating Solutions blows new life into mobile dewatering pump systems

When called upon to refurbish two diesel powered mobile dewatering trailers, MRS made sure that it put its own personal seal of quality on the product by not only refurbishing the units but also improving on the original design aspects.

The two C7 200kwCAT diesel driven engines powering a PS Plus Heavy Duty processing pump were delivered separately, each with its own set of requirements.


The Mobile dewatering unit and PS Plus Heavy Duty processing pump upon deliver

“On the first unit we had to not only refurbish the PS Plus pump but also had to overhaul the CAT diesel engine. All items on the two units had to be replaced with OEM parts and completed within the MRS quality specification”. Says Franscois Steenkamp, CEO of Mechanical Rotating Solutions.

Mine dewatering, or groundwater control, as the name suggests is a tough job executed in harsh environments. Often excavations may flood because of groundwater inflows from water-bearing layers of soil or rocks and with so much at stake our clients cannot afford to have profits washed away. If a company’s pumps offers no resistance to abrasion or corrosion, it will ultimately result in a high turnover of equipment and spare parts, and consequently high operating costs. With this in mind, MRS also tackled the high wear that was visible on the suction manifold.


The steel suction manifold before and after its refurbishment and Belzona 13412 coating

“The unit originally was designed using a stainless steel suction manifold. We noticed that the wear on the stainless steel part was very high and offered the client an improved solution whereby we replaced the stainless steel manifold with a mild steel manifold capable of withstanding suction hose weight stress and vibration stress. The new mild steel manifold was then coated with Belzona 1341, which is a 2-part epoxy coating designed to improve efficiency of pumps, pipes, valves and other fluid handling equipment. This high performance product has proven to reduce energy consumption, provide excellent chemical resistance and lower maintenance costs due to its unique erosion and corrosion protection formulation.”


The dewatering unit on delivery and after its refurbishment

Apart from refurbishing mobile dewatering units for its clients, MRS launched its own mobile dewatering unit in 2017   designed using the best pump selection as per its customer’s needs and incorporating a heavy duty double axle with agricultural wheels which significantly reduces the risk of power hopping and soil compaction.  The MRS Mobile Pump-set is not only capable of controlling the in-pit water levels for mining activities to proceed, but can also be stored in close proximity to the operations, increasing productivity whilst drastically reducing water management transport costs. In order to be optimally productive, whilst also keeping an eye on the cost of a dewatering solution, mines need to not only constantly monitor the water level but also need a solution that can be rapidly deployed, stored on site and be as cost effective as possible.


The completed mobile dewatering unit ready for delivery