Mechanical Rotating Solutions chosen to supply Straub pipe couplings for large scour line refurbishment project

Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS), a leading South African supplier of mechanical seals and various mechanical engineering solutions successfully completed the installation and joining of a 2.1m diameter side scour pipeline at Spioenkop dam, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Contracted by South African anti-corrosion coatings specialists, Corrocoat SA, the project entailed the refurbishment of the scour line by firstly removing the existing pipe coupling then joining and closing the 40mm gap between the two 2.1m diameter steel pipes.

Due to the scour line dimensions and pipe location MRS chose the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX system with stainless steel insert as the suitable solution for the project as it could be readily positioned around the pipe joint and tightened. The STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX is a lightweight split coupling able to make repairs to in service pipe lines.  With the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX coupling, leaks due to faulty weld joints, misalignments (up to 1%), pitting holes and short cracks and gaps up to 60mm can be temporarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time.  The split gasket design can be wrapped around the pipe and installed without pipe disassembly.  These unique features of the STRAUB product enabled the team to complete the full installation in 90 minutes using only hand tools and no lifting equipment as the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX solution only weighs 30 kilograms.

According to MRS Managing Director, Franscois Steenkamp, the project forms part of the Department of Water Affairs & Sanitation (DWS) Ladysmith Bulk water refurbishment project who contracted Corrocoat SA to carry out the corrosion protection of the water supply line from the Spioenkop dam to Ladysmith Municipality.  “The engineering work, being the rigging out and replacement of the couplings and the valve repairs, was sub-contracted to Corrocoat’s sister company Valvemech, a large valve repair and manufacturing company based in Durban.  The project included the removal and repair of existing valves and couplings on dismantling joints situated at various sections of the pipe, and replaced with Straub couplings by MRS.”

About the product:
StraubTM pipe couplings are used in a wide variety of situations, industries and plants, such as: Construction, Water Supply, Waste Water, Industry/Mining, Shipbuilding/Offshore and Pipe Repair.
The STRAUB-FLEX coupling will join virtually any plain end pipe.  Whether pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, the STRAUB-FLEX coupling is installed quickly, safely and economically.  STRAUB-FLEX couplings can accommodate pipe system expansion and contraction movement as well as angular deflection.

Mechanical Rotating Solutions is an accredited agent for Aesseal (Pty) Ltd. The company is situated in Pretoria servicing the Mpumalanga area with the Aesseal products i.e. mechanical seals and systems, Labtecta Bearing Isolators, Belzona Engineered Coatings and Superbolts. We service the whole of South Africa with the pipe couplings, insulation systems, air service units and regulators.