Mechanical Rotating Solutions installs DAB E.Sybox electronic water pressure system

Mechanical Rotating Solutions has recently installed a DAB E.Sybox system addressing low water pressure faced by not only households but also industry.

The DAB E.Sybox, is an innovative super smart water boosting system primarily designed for domestic and small scale water supply applications as well as irrigation applications by using the latest integrated electronic inverter technology to vary the pump speed, which is controlled by inbuilt sensors to maintain the set delivery pressure as the output demand varies.


The DAB e.sybox can be plugged directly into the mains electricity supply

Not only does the E.Sybox inverter system provides the comfort of constant water pressure, while saving energy too, this self-contained unit requires no additional components for its installation, consisting of a self-priming multistage pump, control electronics, pressure and flow sensors, high-resolution LCD display and an integrated 2-litre expansion vessel.

DAB E.Sybox is a unique product that uses ground breaking technology to provide exceptional performance and efficiency. It is the ideal solution for efficient and dependable water supply for all small scale water supply requirements. The unit fitted by MRS will ensure that our client’s control room bathrooms, situated at a 20m head, will ensure that even if multiple taps are used simultaneously, the pressure levels for the taps stay the same and water flows will not be adversely impacted on.

It can be fitted vertically or horizontally on anti-vibration mountings or even on a wall mounted bracket, bringing choice and flexibility to where and how it can be installed. The pump can be plugged directly into the mains electricity supply, saving on re-wiring and potential certification costs too.


The MRS installed DAB E.Sybox supplying constant water feed to control room toilets and process toilets.

“Low water pressure can be a result of a number of issues including corrosion in the pipes, leaks or at times the size of the pipes used in the system.” Says Franscois Steenkamp, Managing Director of Mechanical Rotating Solutions.

“The DAB E.Sybox electronic water system addresses low water pressure issues by boosting water pressure to all taps within the system. The system is arguably the quietest booster pump available on the market today. With its water-cooled motor and sound-dampening casing, the pump operates at around 45dB whilst the variable speed motor operates between 0.3KW to 1.1KW (P2) making this pump very energy efficient product. The LCD screen interface makes it possible for users to access all the information and customise the main settings according to the specifics of the application, it full further store memory of how long the system have been on power, how many times the unit have started, total and partial flow delivered, as well as the amount of  energy saving.”

The intuitive interface gives access to all the system information and the main settings depending on the specific application.


UPDATE: Three month client report shows that MRS saved the company over 55% per month on energy cost with DAB E.SYBOX installation.

Among its product offering and related turnkey solutions, Mechanical Rotating Solutions is currently servicing the Mpumalanga area with the AESSEAL® product range of mechanical seals and systems, Labtecta Bearing Isolators, Belzona Engineered Coatings and Superbolts, as well as supplying the whole of South Africa with innovative Straub pipe couplings, KSB pumps and valves, Amandla pumps, and the full HCP range of pumps.