Mechanical Rotating Solutions showcases locally manufactured mobile dewatering unit

In order to control the water levels in an open-pit coal mine, Mechanical Rotating Solutions has designed and manufactured the innovative MRS Mobile Pump-set that is not only capable of controlling the in-pit water levels for mining activities to proceed, but can also be stored in close proximity to the operations, increasing productivity whilst drastically reducing water management transport costs.

 “Effective water management is essential in not only open-pit coal mines but also in sub-surface mining operations. Mine dewatering is a critical part of open-pit coal mining as it lowers the water table around the quarry. In order to be optimally productive, whilst also keeping an eye on the cost of a dewatering solution, mines need to not only constantly monitor the water level but also need a solution that can be rapidly deployed, stored on site and be as cost effective as possible.” Says MRS Director, Franscois Steenkamp.

The MRS Mobile Pump-set was designed after consultation and a needs analysis with the client, selecting the most appropriate pumps, sealing equipment and trailer configuration for their specific needs. “Mine dewatering, or groundwater control, as the name suggests is a tough job executed in harsh environments. Often excavations may flood as a result of groundwater inflows from water-bearing layers of soil or rocks and with so much at stake our clients cannot afford to have profits washed away. Taking the conditions into consideration the MRS Mobile Pump-set was designed using a heavy duty double axel incorporating agricultural wheels which significantly reduces the risk of power hopping and soil compaction.

“We first had to design and build a solid base able to transport the critical pumping equipment needed in and around the excavation. Once we were satisfied with the foundation, an industry leading KSB ETA 250/50 cast iron standard construction centrifugal pump, fitted with a mechanical seal and powered by an Actom 375kw 525v 4 pole electric motor, was incorporated as the main dewatering pump. Attached to the KSB centrifugal pump are 450mm High-density polyethylene (HDPE) suction pipes and pipe floaters enabling the dewatering system to pump at 35m static head (the height at which a pump can raise water up) over a distance of 2000m into a transfer tank for further distribution.”

Incorporated into the design is a smaller HCP submersible pump supplying water to the suction pipes and KSB pump volute in order to remove air from the pump and suction line permitting atmospheric pressure and flooding pressure to cause liquid to flow into the pump on start-up, generally referred to as pump priming.

“If planned and executed well, dewatering is a seamless part of the excavation mining process. The MRS Mobile Pump-set gives our clients the capability to move the unit around where needed when pumping wastewater into transfer tanks. This gives clients flexibility over discharge times, saving on transport costs and increasing forward planning and productivity.  As an appointed product and service provider to both HCP Pumps and KSB Pumps & Valves, MRS can execute on-site repair, swap-out or add more units if a sudden need arises for water to be rapidly removed.”

Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) is a supplier of world class Mechanical Seals, Rotating and Engineering Protection, Sealing Equipment, and an accredited agent for AESSEAL®   MRS have the full support of AESSEAL® Engineering, Draughting and Quality Services. Among its product offering and related turnkey solutions, the company is currently servicing the Mpumalanga area with the AESSEAL® product range of mechanical seals and systems, Labtecta Bearing Isolators, Belzona Engineered Coatings and Superbolts, as well as supplying the whole of South Africa with innovative Straub pipe couplings, KSB pumps and valves, and the full HCP range of pumps.