MRS increases pump efficiency by installing modular sealing system for WARMAN AH Centrifugal pump.

MRS increases pump efficiency by installing

 modular sealing system for WARMAN AH Centrifugal pump.

By replacing the conventional expeller seal on a WARMAN AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump with an AESSEAL® SMSS™ single monolithic stationary seal, Mechanical Rotating Solutions has not only improved the reliability and efficiency of their client’s coal processing plant’s high pressure pump but also eliminated some of the main causes of premature seal failure.

As the Warman AH pump is the world’s standard for heavy duty operations it is designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive/dense slurries in processes from cyclone feed to regrind, flotation and tailings.  According to MRS Managing Director, Franscois Steenkamp, the seamless installation was due to Warman pumps providing complete interchangeability of seal arrangements.

“Because of its versatility, the WEIR-AH offers a wide range of seal and liner configurations which enabled us to tailor a solution to our customer’s specific application.  Excessive gland leaking caused by expeller seal failure, coupled with a specific gravity (SG) of between 1.0 – 1.15 determined the choice of the AESSEAL® SMSS™ single monolithic stationary seal. The specific seal provides maximum face stability in high pressure and high temperature applications, improving seal life whilst reducing damage to faces in stop/start applications.

The effectiveness and sealing performance of expeller rings are greatly determined by the materials used as an unsuitable expeller ring material can cause rapid sealing performance deterioration.  The expeller sealing area is continually subjected to pumping of highly abrasive/dense slurries, leading to its ultimate failure. After close inspection of the client’s specific needs we successfully installed the AESSEAL SMSS™ single monolithic stationary seal which will significantly improve its reliability and efficiency.”

The SMSS™ is part of the AESSEAL® modular sealing system range distributed by Mechanical Rotating Solutions. This, combined with extensive inventory levels, ensures that any standard seal in any size or material combination is available for immediate despatch.

The AESSEAL® range of single cartridge mechanical seals has been specifically designed to eliminate some of the main causes of premature mechanical seal failure. All seal faces are of monolithic, one piece, construction and therefore are less likely to distort in high and low temperature applications.

Achieving technical performance whilst maximizing modularity is a prime objective in the design of all AESSEAL® products. In addressing the client’s need the SMSS™ seal installed by Mechanical Rotating Solutions reduces heat generation at the seal faces and minimizes the heat load on the seal cooling / flushing system. The stationary seal face is spring loaded which compensates for angular misalignment between the shaft and the housing.


Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) is a supplier of world class Mechanical Seals, Rotating and Engineering Protection, Straub Sealing Equipment, and an accredited agent for AESSEAL®   MRS have the full support of AESSEAL® Engineering, Draughting and Quality Services. Among its product offering and related turnkey solutions, the company is currently servicing the Mpumalanga area with the AESSEAL® product range of mechanical seals and systems, Labtecta Bearing Isolators, Belzona Engineered Coatings and Superbolts, as well as supplying the whole of South Africa with innovative Straub pipe couplings and KSB pumps.