MRS installs Straub pipe coupling solution to help minimise pump & bearing vibration

MRS installs Straub pipe coupling solution to help minimise pump & bearing vibration

Mechanical Rotating Solutions has installed its innovative STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX 3 pipe coupling solution on the suction and discharge pipes of a volute pump saving their client not only time as no pipe ends preparation was needed, but also money as the pipe coupling is reusable and requires no special tools to install. After the quick loosening of three bolts the pump was removed with the suction and discharge pipes still fitted to it, the pipes could be removed in a controlled environment and then reassembled onto the pump. The STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX 3 couplings chosen for this project helps eliminate the vibration on pipe lines which in turn reduce the vibration on the pump and bearings as the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX 3 coupling can absorb 15mm radial movement on the pipe. The STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX 3 coupling permit controlled linear and angular movement, which can accommodate thermal expansion and contraction, deflection, seismic movement and vibration.

Apart from the reduction in vibration one of the biggest advantages of installing the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX 3 coupling is that only three bolts are needed to secure the coupling—as opposed to the multiple bolts that are required for each replaced flange.  With fewer bolts and only hand tools needed, installing the Straub coupling is up to six times faster to install than flanging.

A further advantage of the installed system is the speed at which maintenance can be carried out.  To gain access to the pump the three bolts of the coupling are loosened whereas in a flanged system, multiple bolts need to be removed. The same time-consuming bolt-tightening sequence required upon initial installation is also required upon reassembly of the flange.

Although this project was completed in a controlled environment the great advantage of STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX is that it can be fitted to existing pipes in situ, without any need to remove and relay the pipes.  This  makes  it  the  ideal solution  for  permanent  repairs  of  pipe  joints and cracks. With the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX coupling, leaks due to faulty weld joints, misalignments (up to 1%), pitting holes and short cracks and gaps up to 60mm can be temporarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time.  The split gasket design can also be wrapped around the pipe and installed without pipe disassembly.  These unique features of the STRAUB product enabled the team to complete the full installation causing minimum downtime and using only hand tools.

The unique Straub pipe coupling concept distributed by MRS is based on 50 years of experience and consistent further development at the Straub Plant in Switzerland. Comprehensive engineering competency and the proverbial Swiss precision work guarantee maximum quality and absolute reliability of permanent connections.


The Straub Open Flex 3 couplings fitted on the suctions and discharge pipes