Pipe Repair Time cut by more than 80 %!

More and more valuable time is spent on pipe repair in remote and difficult to access areas. Not only is the time costly but also the medium, mainly water, lost and wasted.
  • Location: Mpumalanga – Coal Mine
  • Medium: Municipal Water Supply
  • Pipe: Spiral Weld Steel Pipe – O.D. 525.0 mm
  • Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Repair Time: System Down-time – estimate 16 Hours
Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) in Pretoria identified the problem and recommended to the Client to replace a section of the damaged pipe and join the new piece with two Straub – Flex 2 LU Pipe Couplings.
We further discussed the method of installation and pointed out that there would be no need for any site welding or pipe preparation and that the coupling would allow for Pipe Misalignment, Angular Deflection and a gap between pipes of 35 mm at each joint if needed for extra tolerance. Our representative’s installation forecast was four Hours (75 % improvement).
System shut off, cut out damaged pipe (in this case a cutting torch and angle grinder was used), clean pipe ends, slip Straub Pipe Couplings over pipe ends, position replacement pipe, centre Straub Pipe Coupling over each pipe joint and tighten the two (only) Bolts per Coupling to the Straub specified Torque rate of 40 Nm. Double check the torque rate, open valve to fill system.
Time of installation 2 Hrs. 15 Min.
  • Straub – Flex 2 LU 524.0 mm EPDM / SS
  • Working Pressure: 12 Bar
  • Coupling Material: Stainless Steel
  • Coupling Seal: EPDM
  • Coupling Width: 141 mm
  • Compensation of Axial Movement: 10 mm
  • Gap Between Pipe: 35 mm ( with insert )
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