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Straub pipe fittings

Corrosion caused leaking or broken pipes?

STRAUB-REP-FLEX is the only lasting reliable solution.  The STRAUB-REP-FLEX is intended to be used for the fast and reliable repairing of broken pipes and the leakage of water/drinking water pipes, as well as gas and oil pipes caused by corrosion. For diameters 46.0 to 429.0 mm

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MRS contributes 100 scholarships to SA’s disadvantaged youth

South Africa’s youth unemployment is a major national challenge that needs urgent and coordinated responses to address it. A young person’s entry into the labour market has life-long implications for their career opportunities and maturation. This is the reason why Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) has contributed to 100 scholarships to previously disadvantaged and unemployed youth through iCOLLEGE.

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Mechanical Rotating Solutions installs Pump Flotation Device for Mpumalanga Coal Mine

Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS) has added Pump Floatation Devices (PFD) to their product offering in yet another move to offer a total turnkey solution to their clients.  According to Franscois Steenkamp, CEO of MRS, the inclusion of Pump Flotation Devices is a natural extension of the company’s existing pumps, engineered coatings and mechanical seals offering […]

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MRS pump solution adds 15 months lifespan to Water Browser spray pump

Haul roads are an essential part of any open cast mine site, but concerns associated with overwatering and dust control continue to place mining road safety under the spotlight. By employing Water Browser trucks, mine site operators are faced with a continuous struggle between balancing dust suppression and overwatering.  According to Franscois Steenkamp, Managing Director […]

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Mechanical Rotating Solutions installs DAB E.Sybox electronic water pressure system

Mechanical Rotating Solutions has recently installed a DAB E.Sybox system addressing low water pressure faced by not only households but also industry. The DAB E.Sybox, is an innovative super smart water boosting system primarily designed for domestic and small scale water supply applications as well as irrigation applications by using the latest integrated electronic inverter […]

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