MRS installs vertical multistage centrifugal pump for coal mine water re-circulation plant

Taking up 75% less floor space than a horizontal pump with electric motor drive, multistage centrifugal pumps have been a popular choice in water reticulation plants installed by Mechanical Rotating Solutions in recent years.  Offering a flexible range of flow and head, along with their high degree of energy efficiency makes them the ideal choice for many pumping applications. Further, its ability to deliver high pressure output with a single pump body and motor combo is also a plus.

The vertical multistage pumps provide several benefits such as a smaller footprint, energy saving, and is able to operate in a wide range of flow/head scenarios.

MRS recently installed a double configuration of two 18.5 kw 525v in line vertical multistage booster pumps complete with isolation and non-return valves at a coal mine in Mpumalanga. Specked to deliver 66 cubes per hour at a 60m head the benefit of the double configuration set-up is that one pump can be on standby whilst the other is in operation, kicking in when the water demand increases. To further increase pump life the two units are also connected to a “flip-flop system” or automatic water level control system that ensures these units are used equally at separate intervals, ensuring both pump units are fit for usage.

Multistage pumps provide many key benefits, from energy savings, to the ability to operate in a wide range of flow/head scenarios. These units as well as the isolation/non-return valves can be supplied by MRS in any requirement and size, kilowatt and voltage for hassle-free pumping meeting customer’s requirements.

Among its product offering and related turnkey solutions, Mechanical Rotating Solutions is currently servicing the Mpumalanga area with the AESSEAL® product range of mechanical seals and systems, Labtecta Bearing Isolators, Belzona Engineered Coatings and Superbolts, as well as supplying the whole of South Africa with innovative Straub pipe couplings, and turnkey pumping solutions including KSB pumps and valves, HCP pumps and other world class products.