The flexible – connection and compensator in one

STRAUB-FLEX is the axially flexible coupling for all pipe materials. This type of coupling not only connects pipes, it simultaneously compensates the axial movement, giving a significant added value to the coupling. STRAUB-FLEX absorbs noise and vibrations optimally.

  • Working pressure up to 16 / 25 bar
  • Outside diameters 48.3 up to 4064 mm
  • (available for all pipes from 172 mm up to 4064 mm)
  • Temperature range -20°C up to +180°C

The STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX is available in a number of different versions: hinged, one-piece or two-piece. The great advantage of STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX is that it can be fitted to existing pipes in situ, without any need to remove and relay the pipes. This makes it the ideal solution for permanent repairs of pipe joints, cracks, etc.


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