Mechanical Rotating Solutions slurry pump installation still running smoothly after seven years


In 2012 Mechanical Rotating Solutions were asked to supply and install Double acting Mechanical Seals on two filter feed Slurry Pumps for a colliery in Mpumalanga, today they are still running smoothly.

The Slurry pumps installed for the purpose of coal tailings disposal are still delivering the same discharge head and flow as when they were installed Five years earlier. The system incorporates an AESSEAL CDPH Heavy Duty Slurry Seal supported by the AESSEAL SW2 Water Management System.

The key advantages of This Particular Slurry Pump design are lower power requirements, long, even wear life; and less pump downtime. These attributes combined with the MRS installed AESSEAL® SW2 Water Management System and Fluid Distribution Unit (FDU) means that the client not only has one of the most dependable systems available but also one of the most economical. Ensuring optimal fluid management MRS installed the AESSEAL® SW2 Water Management System connecting directly to the FDU which connects to the filtration plant water line, using it as its fluid and pressure source to feed the mechanical seal with a clean, cool and stable water barrier fluid.

The AESSEAL FDU™ is also designed to deliver a reliable and consistent high volume of cooling fluid for mechanical seal support applications. As the FDU™ operates in a closed loop environment with the mechanical seal it provides significant water savings

over conventional gland packing or single mechanical seal applications using a Quench, Flush and Drain arrangement.


The FDU™ system is capable of acting as a fluid ring main system, providing cool barrier fluid to multiple independent seal support systems.



In choosing the most suitable seal for the coal tailings disposal MRS chose the AESSEAL CDPH™ double mechanical seal designed to meet the arduous requirements of slurry applications. With design elements that include metal to metal fits as well as robust drive mechanisms the CDPH™ double mechanical seal ensures improved alignment and seal performance as well as reduced possibility of seal face damage.



The installation of the double mechanical seals coupled with the fluid management systems installed by MRS has ensured that pump life has reached Five years minimising the possibility of downtime.

Mechanical Seals as supplied and installed by Mechanical Rotating Solutions are used in a wide range of pumps and rotating equipment worldwide to prevent liquids and gases escaping into the environment. With access to AESSEAL’s extensive inventory MRS is equipped to service its clients wherever, whenever ensuring unparalleled client support and satisfaction.